HOMESite usage agreement

Site usage agreement

From TSH INTERNATIONAL INC. and the group businesses (following, "our company") recognize that it is a serious social duty to protect the personal information that is important assets taking from a visitor and establish "a privacy policy" as follows.


This Web site (the following, our site) is the Web site that from TSH INTERNATIONAL INC. (following, our company) runs. On the occasion of the use of our Web site, we hope that we have you note the following points.

1.About contents, the information of our web site

Our web site is intended to introduce us and the product, service for Japan. About information to place, we act in attention, the thingthat we place after having confirmed it enough, but information becomes old, and a misprint may exist after a publication.
We change it without a notice, and contents and the information of our web site and constitution and the URL of the site may be revised.
It shall be interpreted according to Japanese laws and ordinances about the use of our web site.

2.About product information and technical information

We may include unjust mention including the misprint in the information of our web site. I change it without a notice or these information may be updated. We may change a product and service, the technical information listed in these information without a notice.

3.About personal information

On our web site, in the case of various request (sending of the catalogue) from a visitor, an inquiry, a company name, the name may have you offer the personal information of an e-mail address, a phone number, the address optionally. About these personal information, we do not use it other than the purpose to state clearly when we have you provide it. But please understand that there is(e.g., the notice to the catalogue shipper, a trust supplier of the adoption activity) when we notify a third party of personal information in the property of the service as far as it is necessary. Please confirm "Privacy policy" about the management of the personal information.

4.Copyright Policy

Because We belong to us, the commercial use is firm, and the contents (sentence, photograph, image, data, animation, picture) of our web site and the copyright about these placement, editing and structure decline these unauthorized use (including all or some reproductions of our web site, a notice, a transfer, reason, licensing, the reuse), reproduction, changes, manipulation.

5.About a trademark

A trademark, the logo to be used on our site are the trademarks which we own. The permission to use trademarks does not reach for a visitor. We forbid trademarks placed in our site converting this without permission, and reprinting it.

6.Link policy

Contents of the Web sites (the following, link site) that the third party except us which link to from our site or our site runs are not the things which we manage. Therefore, about the damage that they produced in contents of the link site and having used a link site, we do not take responsibility at all.

7.About the disclaimers in this page and a legal matter

We change disclaimers placing in this page and the legal matter without a notice and may revise it.

8.About a browser

Our web site performs indication, operation check by a browser (Internet Exploror and Netscape Navigator) that spread generally. Because other browsers may not be displayed in the case of the use definitely depending on the version of the browser, setting or use environment, thank you for your understanding.

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