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Privacy policy

TSH INTERNATIONAL INC. and the group businesses (following, "our company") recognizethat it is a serious social duty to protect the personal information that is important assets taking from a visitor and establish "a privacy policy" as follows.

1.Management of the personal information

We appoint a management representative about the personal information of the visitor and manage it according to a rule about our personal information protection appropriately.

2.The acquisition of the personal information

When they have you offer the personal information such as a full name, an address, a phone number, the e-mail address of the visitor, we tell it about the window of a use purpose and the inquiry beforehand, and we acquire the personal information of the visitor as far as they are appropriate.

3.The use of the personal information

We use the personal information of the visitor for the offer of our product,service, after-sale service, the development of our product, service and quality improvement, the correspondence from a visitor to the inquiry, an offer of the information about our product,service, the guidance such as a campaign or the event that we hold and administration.
In addition, we may consign the handling ofthe personal information to between the group businesses or outside trust for the offer of the better service to a visitor. In trust, I choose trust dealing with personal information appropriately and act as the matter whichis necessary so that appropriate management carries it out in trust for a decision, the personal information protection of the visitor.

4.Third party offer of the personal information

We do not provide the personal informationof the visitor to a third party without the agreement of the visitor except the case of the joint use such as group businesses and thestore and the offer to the duties trust point. But it is not this limit when the cooperation to the public institutions such as the police, the court is necessary when I need the protection of human life, the property when it is based on laws and ordinances.

5.Disclosure of the personal information

When they accept a proposal of the disclosure of your personal information by our predetermined procedure, we disclose it to a visitor without delay for our duties except remarkable time when might hurt personal life, a body, property or other rights when they affect it or. In addition, carry out an investigation without delay when accept a stop of a correction of your personal information, addition, deletion or the use, a proposal of the removal by our appointed procedure;, as a result, when it is necessary, carry it out surely.

6.The handling in the Web site

In our Web site, I cannot collect information(the name, address, phone number, e-mail address) that can identify an accessed visitor individual without the consent of the visitor.
In our web site, I may collect the information that cannot identify a visitor individual. Anexample includes record whether a visitor was visited on which page of our Web site. These information may be used for the contents improvement of our Web site.

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